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Page (Content) Layouts

Total includes 4 different layouts for your pages/posts – right sidebar, left sidebar, no sidebar and full-screen. Below is an explanation of each layout style as well as how to alter your layouts globally, per page or via the theme filter.

Content Layout Types

  1. Right Sidebar
  2. Left Sidebar
  3. No Sidebar
  4. Full-Screen (content touches the side of the screen)

Changing Layout Globally

Total includes options to alter your layout globally for each post type – standard (blog), portfolio, staff, testimonials and WooCommerce. Simply go to Appearance / Customize locate the section you wish to alter and the layout options will be located in both the “Archives” and the “Single” tab because you can alter your layout independently for archives (categories/tags) and for your single posts if you want them different. Have a look below:

Pages – Setting

To alter the default page layout go to Appearance > Customize > General > Pages


Posts – Archive Setting


Posts – Single Post Setting


Changing Layout Per-Page

If you want to alter the layout of any page or post you can also do so. This is actually something you will likely do a lot for creating pages like your homepage, about, contact, services…etc. You will find the option to change your layout on a per page/post basis inside the Total “Theme Settings” metabox.

Changing Layouts Using Filters

For more advanced edits you can use the theme filter “wpex_post_layout_class” to alter the page layout anywhere on the site, this will work for posts, pages, archives, custom post types…etc. Have a look at an example below:

[gist id=”1d8a2e8cebe88ae83a81″]
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