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wpex_social_button_stylesarrayReturns an array of social button styles to choose from. Used in the Customizer and in shortcode settings.
wpex_visibilityarrayReturns an array of visibility options. Used for various Customizer and shortcode settings.
wpex_get_user_social_profile_settings_arrayarrayReturns array for user profile links. Used for author boxes.
wpex_get_post_layoutsarrayReturns array of post layout options (right-sidebar, left-sidebar, full-width, full-screen) used for the Customizer and Theme Settings meta options.
wpex_oembed_responsive_hostsarrayArray of oEmbed websites that should receive the Total theme's responsive wrapper added to them.
wpex_dashboard_thumbnailsboolUsed to enable/disable the thumbnail display in the WP dashboard.
wpex_google_font_enqueue_italicsboolReturns true/false if you want to load italic versions of the Google fonts on your site.
wpex_google_font_enqueue_weightsarrayReturns array of font-weights to be used for the enqueued Google fonts by the theme.
wpex_{post_type}_single_thumbnail_argsarrayReturns arguments for the entry post thumbnail for any custom post type using the theme’s cpt-entry-media.php template file
wpex_{post_type}_single_blocksarrayReturns correct layout for the single post type display.
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