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wpex_menu_cart_iconstringReturns the icon name for the header menu cart icon.
wpex_header_builder_page_idintReturns the template ID to use for the header.
wpex_has_header_menu_flush_dropdownsboolCheck if the header menu should have "flush" dropdowns, in other words the header menu is the same height as the header.
wpex_header_logo_link_attrsarrayReturns an array of attributes for the header logo link.
wpex_sticky_header_breakpointintFilters the breakpoint for the sticky header.
wpex_header_logo_is_svgboolCheck if the header logo is an SVG or not.
wpex_header_aside_classarrayReturns an array of classes added to the header-aside element.
wpex_header_logo_inner_classarrayReturns an array of classes added to the header logo-inner element.
wpex_header_inner_classarrayReturns an array of classes that will be added to the header-inner element.
wpex_hamburger_iconstringReturns the output for the hamburger icon which is used by default for the mobile menu toggle but may display in other areas.
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