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Adding, Editing & Removing The Footer Callout

The Total theme comes with a little callout that is by default at the bottom of the page and looks something like the screenshot below:


Editing The Callout Globally

Like everything else in Total this is done via the WordPress Customizer under the “Callout” tab:

Tip: To disable the Callout completely and globally open the “General” tab and unselect the “Enable” setting

Editing The Callout Per Post/Page

You can also edit the Callout on a per post/page basis using the Page Settings below the post editor.


Disabling or Enabling via the theme filter

Total is all about modular code, this means you should be able to edit anything via a child theme with ease. Since version 1.6.3 I added a new filter called “wpex_callout_enabled” which will allow you to easily show/hide the callout wherever you need it. See the example below:

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