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Portfolio Post Type

The Total theme includes a built-in custom post type for the portfolio making it easier then ever to create your portfolio and add your portfolio items. If you know how to use standard posts you can also create a portfolio! Have a look below for further instructions.

Setup Your Portfolio Item’s Layout

By default portfolio items don’t display anything besides the content you add in the editor. However, you can browse to Appearance > Customize > Portfolio > Single and from here you can enable other “blocks” for your singular portfolio item display such as the media (featured image, video), meta, comments, etc.


Building Portfolio Items via a Page Builder

Besides adjusting what is displayed on your portfolio items via the Customizer you can also custom design each portfolio item via a page builder such as the included WPBakery page builder or Elementor (3rd party supported builder). This would be something you might do if you need every single portfolio item to look differently. Now, if you want to custom create a layout for your portfolio items using a builder but have it apply to all items please view the next section of this guide.

Portfolio Post

Creating A Single Portfolio Item Template

If you are going to be adding a lot of portfolio items it may be best to create a custom template for your portfolio posts so that you can make all of them look exactly the same and be able to control their layout whenever and have it auto update all your posts. You can do this by creating a new Visual Composer template via the bundled Templatera plugin and then selecting this template in the Customizer under Portfolio > Single. Have a look at the video below for an in-depth guide:

Displaying Portfolio Items

To view your portfolio on the front-end you have a few options. You can enable the “Auto Archive” via the option under Portfolio > Settings or you can use your builder plugin to display them. Total includes 2 custom modules for the WPBakery page builder as shown below:

Note: You can also use the Total “Post Types Grid”, “Post Types Slider”, “Post Types Carousel”, or “Post Types Archives” to display your items.

Post Types Archive Builder Module

The Portfolio Grid and Portfolio Carousel grid modules in Total display your portfolio items using a custom view and have various settings to tweak things. However, if you wish to display portfolio items anywhere on your site using the same design as the default portfolio archives (categories/tags/main archive) which makes use of the theme templates located at Total/partials/portfolio/portfolio-entry.php then you can use the Post Types Archive builder module. This module displays any post type with their default output as defined by their archive template files.

Portfolio Post Type Settings (renaming, translating)

Total includes settings to completely rename your Portfolio items to anything you want. Browse to Portfolio > Settings in the WordPress backend to change the admin icon, post type name, slug and taxonomy names…etc.

Portfolio Customizer Options

In the live WordPress Customizer there are options for customizing your portfolio. Set options for breadcrumbs, archives layout, single post style, and image cropping.

How to Guide: We published a full guide on creating your online portfolio with the Total theme on our main WordPress blog. You may want to check that out. It is a longer step by step guide but you may find it useful.
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