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Theme Icon (ticon) Shortcode

Total includes it’s own built-in icon set that you can use throughout your site. These icons were originally taken from the FontAwesome script but renamed into “Ticons” to prevent any conflicts with 3rd party plugins and to better optimize things. You can use the icons freely via HTML, however, if you want to add icons to parts of the site where you normally couldn’t it’s best to use the shortcode to ensure full compatibility with future theme updates.

‘Below is a sample usage for the shortcode, the ONLY parameter that is required is the “icon” parameter which is the name as defined on the FontAwesome website.

[ticon icon="bolt" size="" margin_right="" margin_left="" margin_bottom="" margin_top="" color=""]

Where do I locate the icon names?

You can locate a list of all the icon names from the page here.

Icon Editor Dropdown

In version 1.32 we added a new icon shortcode which can be used within the post editor to add icons inline his is useful for adding them within the text module or on a classic post editor.

FontAwesome Icon Shortcode

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