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See what’s coming in the next version of the Total WordPress theme. This is a good place to see if an issue you are currently experiencing has already been fixed, check out upcoming new features and prepare.

v 5.7.1

  • Added You can now use the classname “flip-dropdown” on a menu item so that the menu dropdown opens to the left incase it’s the last dropdown to prevent it from overflowing.
  • Added You can now select ” Full Height” for the Gutenberg Query Loop Post Template block style.
  • Added You can now select “Numbers Only” for the Gutenberg Query Pagination block style.
  • Added New options added to the Toggle Group element.
  • Updated Slider Revolution Plugin & Total Theme Core.
  • Updated Optimized the javascript used when opening modal windows (lightbox, mobile menu, search overlay) to work better when the user has visible scrollbars enabled on the site.
  • Updated The Multi-buttons element has been updated to reduce the amount of default CSS needed for the element.
  • Updated The capabilities for the Color Palette, Custom Cards, Dynamic Templates and Font Manager have been updated so only admins can access these (previously they were visible for editors but not actually accessible which was confusing).
  • Updated The Card Settings metabox icon selector design has been updated.
  • Updated You can now use the “local-scroll-link” classname on toggle element buttons.
  • Fixed When using the masonry grid the items may not have been shown in their correct order.
  • Fixed Overlay, Advanced Parallax and Self hosted videos not working for the “Section” element.
  • Fixed Gutenberg default loop styles were not rendering correctly.
  • Fixed There were some issues with the alignfull and alignwide classes when used on inner blocks as well as when using the boxed site layout.
  • Fixed Lightbox was not working for Gutenberg galleries because of changes in the core block.
  • Fixed There was a bug when dragging items in the WPBakery front-end editor that could cause the selected item icon to displace making it a bit hard to drag things around.
  • Fixed When using stretched rows with stretched content the content could potentially overflow when scrollbars are visible on the page.
  • Fixed Borders were not showing in the sidebar mobile menu when disabling the Dark Surface.


  • Added - The "single-content" classname has been added to the blog post content block for consistency with other post types.
  • Updated - The Sidebar mobile menu will now use the default dark surface border color instead of a custom one. The custom border color is now only applied when a custom background color so there aren't any issues when updating.
  • Updated - The javascript used for the sidebar mobile menu is now only added to the page when needed.
  • Updated - Modified the css for the full stretch rows to prevent issues with a known WPRocket minify CSS bug.

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