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Total comes with 2 different button modules you can use to add awesome looking buttons anywhere on your site. You can choose between the standard or multi button module, both exclusive to Total. The theme also includes 7 preset button styles you can choose from ( flat, modern, three-d, outline, clean, minimal border and plain) and 13 preset colors (accent, blue, teal, green, gold, orange, pink, rosy, red, gray, purple and black).

Add Buttons Anywhere

Buttons are a great way to link to important posts, landing pages, affiliate websites and more. Just insert the Total Button, add a link and customize!

Customize Colors, Borders, Icons and More

Colors and borders help buttons blend with your branding. Icons are a great way to add dimension, branding, or context as to what users are clicking on. You can even add them to the right or left! And animations make your buttons really stand out. Loading animations can draw attention, like the button to the right. While hover animations (see the examples below) can encourage readers to click.

Don't Forget Multi-Buttons

With the Total Multi-buttons element you can add side-by side buttons. Plus you can select a custom style, color and more for each.

Psssst... You Can Add Lightbox Too!

When you add a link to button you have the option to add a custom link, internal page, callback function, image or gallery, or other lightbox ( image, video, iframe, inline or HTML5 content supported). There’s tons you can use buttons for with Total!

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