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Many of the Total theme elements allow you to display dynamic date, for example the “Image” element can be set to display the post thumbnail or an image from a custom field. The theme also includes specific elements intended for use with Dynamic Templates and Custom Cards.

It would be very difficult to display examples of these dynamic elements, so below is a screenshot showing the elements in the WPBakery element selector as well as a list of the elements.

  • Custom Field: Display any custom field from the current post (ACF integration)
  • Page Title: Display the current page title.
  • Post Content: Display the current post content when used in a custom card or template.
  • Post Excerpt: Display the current post excerpt when used in a custom card.
  • Post Media: Display the current post media (image/video/slider).
  • Post Meta: Display the current post meta (date, category, comments count, other).
  • Post Terms: Display terms from the current post (category, tags or custom taxonomy).
  • Author Bio: Display the post author bio (name, description, social).
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