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Image sliders are a great way to display a lot of images on a single page without the user having to scroll down to view them. Also they are nice for displaying portfolio examples, services, staff members and more!

Simple Slider

The Image Slider module exclusive to the Total WordPress theme makes it easier then ever to add fast and responsive sliders to your pages with the page builder with a live preview and without any extra bloat.

Slide effect, visible arrows, dot navigation, no thumbnails

Fade effect, arrows on hover, custom image cropping

Overlay & Captions

Some of the options built into the Image Slider module include Transition animation (slide or fade) and speed, lazy load, randomize image order, loop, autoplay, navigation dots and arrows, thumbnails, custom image copping, image captions, custom links and more.

Stunning one of a kind banana

Three pink balloons

Delicious sprinkle donuts

Advanced Caption Settings (Position, Colors & Animation)

The Image Slider Module includes some amazing advanced caption settings that aren’t found in other themes. You can select the look and position of the caption as well as the show and hide transition animations.

Image Carousel
Leader/Menu Item
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