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The Total theme includes a unique and powerful “Cards” system for displaying posts on your site. Not only can you choose from tons of card designs but you can also display Cards in different ways: Grid, List or Carousel. This allows you to create some truly unique layouts. Below are some examples of the different styles.

Grid Display

Below is an example of cards displayed as as a grid. You can of course choose the columns (for each device breakpoint), spacing between items and choose between masonry or standard layout.

Computer Resolutions Guide

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List Display

You can also display Cards as a “list” where they will display vertically. Here you can choose the spacing between items as well as enable a border between items and even choose the border styles.

Carousel Display

Post cards can also display in a carousel format to save room. This is great for custom pages or displaying related items in your dynamic (custom) templates. You can choose any card style, how many items display at a time, preferred arrow style and position, scroll speed, auto play and more!

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