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Total v5.5

This update brings further integration for Elementor users, new Custom Cards dashboard, SVG font icons, WooCommerce templates and many more enhancements, settings and optimizations.

Custom Cards

You can create your own custom cards (entry styles) via the WordPress admin using your favorite builder; WPBakery, Elementor or Gutenberg!

Dynamic WooCommerce Templates

Create your custom WooCommerce archive and Single Product template via the WPBakery page builder and assign them in the Customizer.

SVG Icons

Head over to the Theme Panel and enable SVG icons under the “Optimizations” filter to switch from the Theme Icons font to SVG icons that get loaded only when used.

Sticky Mobile Header

You can now enable a sticky header for mobile on various header styles that previously didn’t support it such as “Bottom Menu” or “Vertical” header styles.

Elementor Widgets

Many of the Total elements including the popular Post Cards are now available directly in the Elementor page builder for people using the plugin.

Elementor Integrations

Your registered Custom Fonts and the Theme icons are now available in the Elementor builder so you can make use of more theme functionality without extra bloat.

Better Page Animations

The Page Animations functionality has been overhauled so it no longer uses a 3rd party script, displays faster, uses inline styles and includes more customization options.

Navigation Bar Categories

The Navigation Bar now allows you to automatically display categories, tags or terms from any taxonomy. This way you don’t have to manually add them via the WP menu system.

Advanced Queries Improvements

You can now use coma separated strings for arrays when creating advanced queries to make things easier and slim things down. Please see the updated docs here.

Customizer Enhacements

New icon selector control, more settings and an improved control for post, entry and meta blocks making it easier to control and re-arrange the items.

Many more options, features and optimizations have been included besides the ones mentioned above. You can view the full changelog here.