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This is the best theme I have ever used.

What I like the most about the theme is how there’s a lot of common sense is how it is put together and presented and in how the menus and options are presented.

I think it’s very simple to create basically any layout with Total and I like how it’s more reactive than responsive, with great little options like showing 2 columns of posts on mobile and 4 on desktop, which makes pages feel like they were truly designed for each device. Visual Composer is implemented really well and it’s a great platform with solid extensions and options like saving templates of pages for future use. It’s really a killer feature and allows me to put together really content-rich pages quickly.

I recently waited to see how Divi 3.0 would be and I must admit the front-end editor is better than Total, but I still won’t switch over, because at the end of the day Total has more options, better white-space out of the box, and a more rich community of extensions and options (Divi has basically none).

Support has always been great for me and the documentation of the theme is second to none, especially with all the snippets allowing you to make cool modifications quickly.

Anyways, just wanted to share some love for the theme. Been a big fan of WPExplorer since the had such a solid list of free themes many years ago and so happy that they continue to grow from strength to strength.

If you’re wondering if I’m a paid review, don’t worry, this is a real review and you can check out my website at to see that I’m totally telling the truth.

Cheers WPExplorer, keep up the good work :)

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