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Blog Post Media Position

Remember you can always create Dynamic Templates for your posts to fully control the post design.

By default the blog post media (image, video, audio..etc) is displayed at the top of your content for singular posts which means if you have a sidebar it would be on the same container as the content. However, the theme does include a meta option to allow you to display the media above the post and sidebar.


So whenever you are posting an article you can choose to display it full-width above your post or not display it at all.

How To Set Post Media Position To Full-Width Above Content For All Posts?

If you want the post media to display above the content in full-width format for all your posts it would be a pain in the butt to have to select it from the meta options every time. You can however, use a little child theme code for this. Please have a look at this example snippet.

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