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Snippet: “Hide” WPBakery Stretch Rows Until Site is Loaded

IMPORTANT: The Total theme has been updated in version 5.0 to override the default WPBakery stretched row behavior to use CSS only for stretching rows! This means stretched rows will load instantly and you don't need to use the code below. This is an exclusive function for Total theme users only, so if you are using a different theme, sorry, but you aren't in the cool club :(

If you are using the WPBakery Page Builder stretch row function you may notice the width "jumps" into place once the site is loaded, this is because the plugin uses javascript to calculate the full-width of the row and that must be done after the site is fully loaded. The following custom CSS will "hide" the row until the site is loaded and then display it at once.

.wpex-vc-row-stretch_row { opacity: 0; }
.wpex-window-loaded .wpex-vc-row-stretch_row { opacity: 1; }
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