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Get people to sign up for your newsletter with the built-in Newsletter Form page builder module exclusive for the Total WordPress theme. Simply insert your newsletter action form link and the theme will create the form for your site. You can customize the input and button placeholders and also tweak the form colors to match your site.

Want to Learn the Secret to Being Happy?

We can’t help with that – but at least we got you to stop and take a second to read this. And that is the first step to getting people to signup to your newsletter. You must grab their attention!

So, do you want to grow your email list? Do you want to get more subscribers? Do you want to see your traffic and influence go through the roof? Then signup for our newsletter! Each week you’ll get a list of curated tips to grow your email list and your business.

Disclaimer: this is not an actual newsletter. This is just an example of a callout or optin you could create on your site using the Total WordPress theme.

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