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Header Builder – Create Your Own Site Header

The Total WordPress theme also includes “Header Builder” functionality which allows you to create a standard page and add any content you want on it via the Visual Composer page builder then display this as a replacement of your main header. This gives you 100% control over the header and how it looks. Perfect if all you want is a simple logo and some text or if you want something more complex using 3rd party menu plugins, parallax images or more!

Step 1 – Create A Templatera Template (or page)

You can create a new standard page but for organization it’s best to create a new Templatera template which would be done by going to Visual Composer > Templates > Add New (assuming you installed and enabled the plugin as recommended by the theme). Templatera templates only allow you to edit in back-end mode, so if you want to be able to edit the header using the front-end builder then you would instead create a standard page template.

Step 2 – Select Your Template or Page to Replace The Header

Next go to Theme Panel > Header Builder and select your newly created page.


Step 3 – Edit The Template/Page

Now you can go and edit the page and add all the content you want for your header. If you are using a standard page then you can use the front-end builder and it will only display the header content making it easier to see what you are doing. If you are using templatera then you will only have access to the backend builder due to how the Visual Composer plugin works.

Recommended Add-on Plugins for Your Header Builder

When using the header builder function everything is replaced with Visual Composer content (logo, menu, header aside content, etc). So you’ll need to add your logo, menu, etc via the Visual Composer if you want them. Below are some nice plugins that could be useful to integrate into your custom header.

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