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Below you will find a reference of filters available in the Total theme. Filters can be used to modify default theme options, values or output (learn more). You can use the search above to try and locate specific filters. This reference is intended to help you quickly locate a filter name. Once you locate a filter that you think may be useful you can then search the theme files for the filter to see how it’s being used to assist you in your custom code.

Important: This is a manually created list so there may be filters available not yet listed.

Filter by:

All Filters
totaltheme/topbar/menu/classarrayReturns an array of classes to be added to the topbar menu ul element.
totaltheme/replace_vars/varsarrayReturns the array of replacement vars.
totaltheme/integration/yoast_seo/pagination_fix/is_enabledboolCheck whether the theme should fix the Yoast SEO plugin issues related to paginated page canonicals and titles.
wpex_customizer_sectionsarrayReturns an array of all the Customizer sections.
wpex_woocommerce_cart_icon_choicesarrayReturns an array of icon choices for the WooCommerce cart icon selector in the Customizer.
wpex_card_builder_allowed_shortcodes_listarrayReturns an array of elements that are available for the Card builder when using WPBakery.
vcex_custom_field_param_choicesarrayReturns an array of options for the theme's custom field parameter which is used to select a custom field in various theme elements when using WPBakery.
vcex_ajax_use_session_storageboolCheck if the theme's AJAX functions should store results in the browser's Local Storage.
wpex_woocommerce_product_entry_thumbnail_idintReturns the ID to use for the WooCommerce product entry image when displaying a singular thumbnail.
wpex_woocommerce_add_to_cart_button_loaderstringReturns the html for the WooCommerce add to cart spinner/loader icon.
wpex_post_cards_query_type_choicesarrayReturns an array of choices for the Post Cards Query Type select.
wpex_has_default_card_stylesboolCheck if the theme's default Card styles should display in the Card select.
wpex_menu_cart_iconstringReturns the icon name for the header menu cart icon.
wpex_header_builder_page_idintReturns the template ID to use for the header.
wpex_woocommerce_archive_template_idintReturns the template ID to use for the WooCommerce archive display.
wpex_footer_bottom_inner_classarrayReturns an array of classes for the #footer-bottom element.
vcex_elementor_integrationboolCheck if the theme's Elementor integration is enabled.
vcex_navbar_get_terms_argsarrayReturns the array of arguments for the Navigation Bar element (vcex_navbar shortcode) to pass to get_terms() when displaying a taxonomy term based menu.
wpex_woocommerce_quantity_button_plus_iconstringReturns the name of the icon to use for the WooCommerce product quantity field plus icon.
wpex_woocommerce_quantity_button_minus_iconstringReturns the name of the icon to use for the WooCommerce product quantity field minus icon.
wpex_modern_menu_widget_link_iconstringReturns the name for the icon to use for the Modern Menu widget icon.
wpex_widget_nav_menu_open_submenu_iconstringReturns the name of the icon to use for the navigation widget submenu toggle icon.
wpex_mobile_menu_open_submenu_iconstringReturns the name of the icon to use for the mobile menu submenu toggle icon.
vcex_carousel_default_settingsarrayReturns an array of default settings for theme carousels (OwlCarousel).
wpex_slider_next_iconstringReturns the theme slider next icon name (material/arrow-forward-ios)
wpex_slider_prev_iconstringReturns the theme slider previous icon name (material/arrow-back-ios)
wpex_is_page_animations_enabledboolCheck if the page animations functionality is enabled.
wpex_page_animations_excluded_linksarrayReturns an array of all elements that should be excluded from the Page Animations function whenever an excluded link is clicked the page out animation will not run.
wpex_theme_icon_formatstringReturns the format to use for theme icons (font or svg)
wpex_post_cards_entry_classarrayReturns an array of classes to add to the .wpex-post-cards-entry element.
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